About Us

Something About Us

Petra & Phronesis is a company registered in 2012 to consult phronesis in its extraordinary amplitude of comprehension across diverse industries with vast array of perception from Business Start-up bootstrap, to complex technical project management and system integration.  We have testimonies of successful implementation of innovation transfer accord different industries with respect to technology implementation.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to be the leading strategic business service provider and ‘go-to’ idea implementation hub in Africa.  We provisioning the actualization of the business intent of clients through strategic involvement/partnership.
  • Our Mission

  • Our mission in Petra & Phronesis is to walk upcoming business owners through the building and rolling out their business idea. 
    We give and bring life to ideas particularly in an era and country where business integrity is at stake, we have dared to be the exception to norm.
    We have the sunesis of how a business can, should be model or re-modeled.
Some Good Reasons

One of the greatest indispensable assets is OUR people. The quality of heart of those who spend their day-to-day moving the vision forward, helping us to believe more in being the RIGHT company is an assured trust to us of always delivering the RIGHT VALUES we already possess. These are indeed our esteemed Agents of Change.


Our Excellence & Exceptionalism

Our ability to defer immediate gratification while focusing to the goal at hand is just a culture  we have imbile and when we are onboard we are fully onboard but we do not just come onboard because the figures looks good. When and if our signature imprint will be blurred on the project deliverables then the end does not justify the means. 

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Proudly Nigerian
Our Agility

We are agile and we don't miss our words. We faith in developing and investing in local content development is the testimony behind our agility! 

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Our Technical Partnership

Over the years we have build on a reputation and integrity because we know the power to it! 

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